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Recipe Resources

NLC Kitchen provides a wide range of natural keto snacks to make going keto that bit easier.

The team at NLC Kitchen has been making natural keto whole foods for many years and developed the first range of keto whole food options for children with drug-resistant epilepsy which is available on prescription.

They offer a range of 40 different ready meals and a wide range of snacks and treats, all of which do not contain sweeteners and are designed for a super low keto diet.

They also have a selection of free recipes.

Mrs P, is Emma Porter, the food writer and recipe developer. Emma has Type 1 diabetes herself. It was diagnosed when she was 17 years old. She uses a ketogenic diet and has a blog and many recipes suitable for a ketogenic lifestyle. This is also a good resource for those with small children looking to provide real food that is lower carb but not ketogenic. There is some appetising and imaginatively presented food on this website. Emma also provides a porridge mix and bread mix suitable for a ketogenic diet.

The KetoKickstarter is a very simple 2-week menu plan based on a minimal set of ingredients purchased from supermarkets. It is especially for those who are not cooking enthusiasts and have limited money and time. This plan uses just five utensils and a hob plus an oven. A shopping list is provided. It was designed to be cheap and undercuts the national average spend by £10 per week (2020). The principle is that the food is real keto food, ethically sourced, organic and local (UK) where possible. It is an aid to starting keto cheaply, and then the person will be able to adapt to the local shopping environment and extend their range of menus and food sources as they gain confidence.