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Type 1 Keto

Rethinking Type 1 Diabetes with a Ketogenic Diet

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Dr Ian Lake

Type1Keto.com is led by the work of Dr Ian Lake, a Gloucestershire GP with Type 1 Diabetes.

Having successfully changed to a very low carb diet himself, Ian has dedicated his time to getting this information online to help others with Type 1 Diabetes. You can find out more here.

‘Welcome to the site. Despite all the technology available, clinicians managing Type 1 Diabetes  are getting fewer than 10% of their patients to even a modest HbA1c target in the UK.  It is exciting that new research is showing that options such as a keto lifestyle can achieve 90% success. We urgently need to rethink Type 1 Diabetes’ and provide the information on ketogenic lifestyles so that our Type 1 Diabetes population can have a choice of options for their diabetes management This website sets out to do this in a way that is informative and practical for both people with Type 1 Diabetes and their healthcare professionals. ‘. 

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Who's Doing It?

Hear from people with Type 1 who are following the low carb lifestyle. New podcasts added regularly so please sign up for free to register for updates on this page.

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Type 1 Keto Resources

Our website features free nutrition and diabetes information articles, as well as affordable access for more in-depth content.

We also offer subscriptions for healthcare professionals and people interested to learn more, which gives access to webinars and resources.


Information on managing your Type 1 diabetes with diet. Includes recipes, 2 week 'ketokickstarter' budget shopping list. Plus, ideas for growing your own food.

Diabetes Management

A wide range of topics to help you to manage your Type 1 Diabetes with a ketogenic lifestyle.

Free and lifetime one-off subscription articles.

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Webinars and Resources written primarily for Medical Professionals, but anyone is welcome to take a look.

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