Type 1 Keto

Fergus Craig

Fergus has a fascinating story. He has spent half the time with Type 1 diabetes managing it with a conventional diet and half on a

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Professor Marcus Saemann

I have 15 years of experience in nephrology and internal medicine. I am a professor at the Medical University of Vienna, on the board of

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Dr Olivia Rimington

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over 20 years ago. During that time I always struggled to achieve ‘normal’ blood sugars and ‘good’ control,

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Paleo Canteen

Paleo Canteen provides a book full of keto recipes that can be created into amazing meals at budget prices. Please find a link to their

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Gina Roberts

Gina Roberts is a wife, mom, research assistant and a part-time blogger who also just so happens to have Type 1 Diabetes and Lupus SLE.

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Running Thumbnail - Ian running bridge

Lemming Test Pilot

This series of blogs is based on experiments in Type 1 diabetes. The author set out to push the boundaries of his diabetes management so

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Running Thumbnail - Half Marathon Series Medals

Half-Marathon Series

Twelve half marathons in 12 months. Exploring running on a ketogenic diet. Each run was a new experience based on learning from the previous half

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