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Dr Ian Lake

GP and person with Type 1 diabetes

I have been a doctor for 37 years and work as a GP in Gloucestershire, UK. I have a degree in Medical Cell Biology and Biochemistry from Liverpool University awarded in 1981 and qualified as a Doctor of Medicine in 1985 from Southampton University.

I was diagnosed with LADA Type 1 Diabetes, at age 36. I managed it with a DAFNE-style approach for the first 20 years and changed to a very low carb four years ago. I had such dramatic results that I decided to dedicate my time to getting information about low carbohydrate lifestyles to those with Type 1 themselves.

I am a founder member of The Public Health Collaboration, which is a charity dedicated to promoting a real food lifestyle for health. I have spoken about the low-carbohydrate management of Type 1 diabetes at various conferences. 

I am a medical advisor for Type 1 diabetes at the European Keto Live Center, Burghausen,

I am fortunate to be able to present my learning on ketogenic lifestyles for Type 1 diabetes. Please follow these links if you want to know more.

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Type 1 Diabetes from both sides of the consulting room

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2023 Fabulously Keto Podcast; Educating Doctors and Clinicians about Keto Lifestyles in Type 1 diabetes

The Zerofive100 project. This was a fasted (water only) 100-mile run with a group of eight people including one other person with Type 1 diabetes. It was conceived to explore some of the concerns about the ketogenic diet in Type 1 diabetes. It has made a significant contribution to both Type 1 diabetes in sports, but also Type 1 management in general. The published paper is here. Follow the link to the zerofive100 on the home page of this website.

Diabetes Unpacked   I was privileged to contribute to a book in support of Prof. Tim Noakes’s legal fund. You might know Tim Noakes. He is a highly respected scientist internationally and also an ultramarathon runner. He wrote most of the science about carb-loading for sport. However, when he developed type 2 diabetes himself, he realised that he could not outrun his condition and that diet was essential. He changed his mind about his belief in carbs for energy as he became aware of the benefits of low-carb lifestyles. He received a complaint from a dietitian in his home country of South Africa about his advice and underwent a 3-year trial with his professional organization. He won the case and has since received an apology. The appeal was rejected too. So the profits from the book all went to the Tim Noakes Charitable Foundation. The book is an excellent read on all aspects of low-carbohydrate diets for health. I wrote chapter 5 on Type 1 diabetes.

Take Control of Type 1 Diabetes. David Cavan. Dr Cavan is an internationally respected Diabetologist and has had a long career in the NHS. He included me in his section on low carbs for Type 1 diabetes.