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Zero Five 100 Advisory Team and Supporters

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Our Advisory Team and Supporters

A solid team has many facets. Thanks to the incredibly knowledgable supporters and advisors. Some would have joined us if they could. And the many people who were on hand for occasional support and advice. You know who you are!​

Dr Campbell Murdoch

GP with special interests in metabolic health and quality improvement in healthcare.

Dr Dan Maggs

GP and founder of, a website for coaching in metabolic health and low carb lifestyles.

Natalia Roman Lopez

Natalia is a strong contributor to our team and has T1 Diabetes. She was fully trained up but was prevented from joining us because of Covid rules.She lives in Switzerland and runs in the Alps every day. The two T1 who ran learned a lot from Natalia’s input.

Dr Peter Foley

Dr Peter Foley BmBs, MRCGP, MFSEM (Irl.) MFSEM = Member of the faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine. GP based in Bristol, with a passion for educating and empowering patients living with metabolic health conditions to improve their health through the optimisation of nutrition and other lifestyle factors including stress management, physical activity and sleep health.