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What we eat and when we eat, it is vital for health. The principle that we should eat real food applies in Type 1 diabetes, of course. But we have the added challenge of choosing the food that suits a body with no means of making its insulin. A keto diet makes sense in Type 1 diabetes. The good news is that it contains many great foods and recipes. It might be necessary to go without carbs, but you will not miss out on the enjoyment of eating. You might also want to grow your own food. Take a look.It is also a useful resource for people with Type 1 diabetes.

Recipe Resources

NLC Kitchen provides a wide range of natural keto snacks to make going keto that bit easier. The team at NLC Kitchen has been making natural keto whole foods for many years and developed the first range of keto whole… Read More »Recipe Resources

What to Eat

A selection of modules and exercises about converting to a ketogenic diet for someone with Type 1 diabetes, whose honeymoon phase has ended, and they have normal renal function. These modules are also available as part of our Essential and… Read More »What to Eat