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What to Buy to Start Gardening

Amanda Godber is a professional gardener and understands the needs of beginners and small-scale gardeners. We talked about what things one might consider good to have to get started. Also, we talked about what you might use to store and preserve your new crops to keep you going through the year.   


Fork or teaspoon for handling seedlings and potting on.  


Kneeling pad,  

Small hand fork, 


 Compost bin ideally, two, one for general garden waste and household non-meat food waste, one for leaves. Leaf -made compost is called ‘black gold.’ 

A watering can with a sprinkler,  

Water butt to collect rainwater from your roofs.  

For those with limited ability or balance & bending issues, a kneeler/riser stool is also good.  


For more extensive gardens, I have added a rake. If you decide to dig up some lawn or clear some space, you might need a decent spade and fork. I use a mattock for nearly all groundwork. It is good for grubbing up roots, does not go too deep to disturb the subsoil. It is a hefty piece of steel and provides a good work out. Mattocks are indestructible, but for communal gardens, they might pose a health and safety risk.  

Once your crops are ripe and ready for harvest, what to do? Growing in succession will provide fresh food from spring to autumn. Brassicas such as cabbage and kale and root veg will get you through the winter. Amanda likes to use a dehydrator to dry and preserve some foods. Apples and pears are particularly suitable for this. A freezer is an obvious choice, but it does come with energy costs. But if you have the resources, it is a good choice.  

So, there you have it. Why not go out and set some seeds? Perhaps buy some small plants to grow-on? Get a fruit bush? Whatever you do, have a go and see if you like the many nutrition, nurturing, and community aspects of gardening. And if you spend an enjoyable day gardening, you will definitely get a good night’s sleep.  

Amanda’s site is http://www.downtoearthstroud.co.uk/. There will be similar schemes in your area.  

A good site for all things gardening is the BBC Gardener’s World website: https://www.gardenersworld.com/ 

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