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Week Two: Menus and Recipes

Menus and Recipes for Week 2 of Keto Kickstarter

Day One

Diced Cucumber, Cheese, and Walnuts with Olive Oil and Black Pepper. It seems light, but the nuts, cheese, and olive oil provide the energy for this one. Very-low carb recipes might seem a meager portion size. But this way of eating uses real, nutrient-dense food. You won’t go hungry on this diet.

Pork Roast Dinner. Spread some salt on the pork skin and place the joint in a covered roasting tin. Roast it depending on weight. Check the instructions on the packet. Start with with 40mins per kg plus half-hour at around 160°C, turning it up at the end and removing the lid to roast the crackling.  NOTE! Do not throw away the bone or the juices from the roast. They will be used on day 5. Steam a quarter of the cauliflower and serve with the sliced pork. Use the juices from the roasting tin as gravy.

Greek Yogurt, with Hazelnut and Frozen Dark Chocolate Flakes. The chocolate from the preparation of chocolate coated hazelnuts has been frozen on the greaseproof paper. And flaked onto the yogurt dish.

Chocolate -coated Hazelnuts Melt about half a bar of chocolate in a saucepan placed on top of another one below. That one contains enough water to steam the upper one. If you have a Double Boiler or Bain Marie, then great. Then throw in about 50 grams of the nuts. Stir until mixed. Then recover the hazelnuts with a fork and place on greaseproof paper. When set, you can repeat the process to give them a thicker coat. There will be some chocolate left in the saucepan and on the grease-proof paper. Don’t discard it. Collect up the nuts and place them in a container.

Day Two

Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts with Black Coffee

Boiled Eggs

Fresh Strawberries.

Thai Pork Stir Fry. Take a  teaspoon of Thai Spice mix and moisten it with enough water an hour before use to enable it to liven-up. Take your chosen portion of pork, chop into small chunks. Cut up a quarter to half an onion depending on size. Onions can be carby for a keto diet. Roughly chop half of the pepper into suitably sized pieces. Heat a glug of olive oil in a  frying pan with olive oil. Get it to near smoking, then just throw in the ingredients. A wok and a gas burner would be the most spectacular with flames everywhere.  A frying pan and ceramic hob need more attention to stirring the mix evenly. Just after the ferocious sizzling stage, add in the spice mix. Then add in the beansprouts for the last minute or so, until cooked on the outside. Serve up. Add lime juice if desired.

Greek Yoghurt with Strawberries, Chocolate Shavings, and Grated Coconut. The method should be self-explanatory.

Coconut Crush Cocktail. Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice to coconut milk. Throw in crushed ice and some gin if there is any spare. Stir, and enjoy.

Day Three

Two-Egg Omelette with Cheese and Mayo.

Strawberries and Cream

Coffee with chocolate.

Cabbage, Cheese, and Nuts. The cabbage leaves were sliced to remove the central stalk. Then, roughly chopped and steamed. They were placed in a disk and sprinkled with mixed nuts. Use them whole, but you could crush them. A rolling pin over the nuts in a plastic bag is effective. Or bang them with the rolling pin until they submit. The peppered, single cream was poured over, then the grated cheese added. Bake in the oven at 200°C until the cheese has browned.

Thai Pork with Beansprouts. Chop up some pork. Flash-fry with hot olive or coconut oil. Throw in the pre-soaked Thai spices with a handful of beansprouts. They will be cooked in a minute.

Fresh Coconut Sprinkled with Lime Juice and a few Fresh Strawberries

Day Four

Pork Scratchings. Remove the pork rind from the cooked joint and finish off under a grill until it is crispy. Cut into small pieces and serve as a snack or an accompaniment to any pork dish.

Courgette Omelette. Fry a sliced courgette in olive oil in a frying pan.  Turn the slices over when they start to brown after a few minutes. About a minute after turning, add the beaten two eggs and a small amount of cream.  When the egg is cooked, serve up. You can add mayo and pepper if needed—an easy but tasty meal.

Pork Slices with Fried Shredded Sweetheart Cabbage Leaves. Slice the remaining pork from the bone. Take the rest of the sweetheart cabbage, cut out the stems and then thinly slice the leaves. Fry in either hot coconut or olive oil. Remove and turn out onto a serving plate. Fry the pork slices and add to the cabbage leaves. Season. Add some pork scratchings if desired.  

Fresh Strawberries and Cream.

Day Five

Cheese, Egg, and Cucumber Salad with Olive Oil and Nuts. Chop the cheese and cucumber into small chunks. Boil an Egg until hard ( about 8 minutes). Peel and chop the egg when cold. Arrange everything on a plate, throw on some mixed nuts and garnish with a glug of olive oil. Black pepper as needed to taste. You can add some sea salt to this to intensify the taste.

Fish Pie Roulade Style Steam the remaining cauliflower. While this is happening, add an egg to the steamer pan to hard boil it.  In the meantime, slice up a few mushrooms. Take half of the remaining cod which has been thawed overnight in the fridge. Coarsely separate the pieces of cod and mix in with the chopped boiled egg, mushrooms, and a small amount of cream. Season with salt and pepper as needed. Mash the cauliflower with a fork with some cream. The sensible thing at this point is to add the fish mix to an ovenproof dish, cover with the mashed cauliflower and cook in the oven at 160°C for 15-20 minutes until the cod is just cooked. If you have some time to spare, spread the cauliflower mix to about 1cm depth on a sheet of grease-proof paper. Enough to hold the fish mix. Or leave some of the mix and add to the tray separately. Then roll up the cauliflower mash around the fish mix. When you get to the end, slide it onto a baking tray, and cook in the oven as above. Good luck! It is a meal in itself. Add mayo if you want

Greek Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries

Black Coffee and a Square of 85% Dark Chocolate.

Day Six

Pork and Vegetable Stew. The juices from the roasting tin were covered in a small amount of boiling water to make a gravy in the roasting tray.  Pour this over the remaining bone, which has been placed in a saucepan (the bottom pan of the steamer). Just enough to cover the bone. Season ( pepper mainly. The Thai spices are available if desired). A courgette, a small amount of cauliflower, half of the onion remaining, and a few mushrooms can be added. Leave to simmer for a couple of hours. After cooking, recover the bones and add the meat to the pot.

This slow cooking helps to give up any spare meat on the bone. It also helps to release some of the bone nutrients into the broth.

Mushroom Omelette. Fry the sliced mushrooms in olive oil and set aside. Beat two eggs with black pepper and any cream leftover. Pour into the frying pan and cook until it just starts to firm-up. Turn out onto a plate. Add the fried mushrooms and fold in half. You can add mayo if you prefer.

Coconut and Lime Ice Cream Take, equal amounts of single cream and Greek yogurt suitable for one ice cream mix in the crushed coconut, and a tiny squeeze of lime. Freeze until required

Day Seven

Pork and Vegetable Soup. Q. What makes a stew into a soup? A. A hand blender. Have as stew or soup, depending on your preference.

Cheese, Egg, and Cucumber Salad with Olive Oil and Nuts. Chop the cheese and cucumber into small chunks. Boil an Egg until hard ( about 8 minutes). Peel and chop the egg when cold. Arrange everything on a plate, throw on some mixed nuts and garnish with a glug of olive oil. Black pepper as needed to taste. I also added some sea salt to this to intensify the taste.

Cod with Mediterranean Vegetables.  Cut the pepper into small pieces. Ditto the courgette. Mix and glug on a generous amount of olive oil and some black pepper. Fry on high heat until browned at the edges. Wrap the cod in foil and add a tiny amount of olive oil.  Bake in a lowish oven 170° C for around 15 minutes. Fish is tricky. It turns from succulent to dry and tough in minutes. Just-cooked is best. Keep an eye on it.

Use up whatever snacks are left.