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Week One: Shopping List

Shopping List for Week 1 of Keto Kickstarter

Lemon or lime for water flavour x1

Strawberries or other seasonal fresh fruit. Or one or two types. 400g approx.  

Cauliflower x1 large 

Courgette x1 

Mushrooms  250g roughly 

Broccoli x1 large 

Cucumber x1 

Onion x1 

Bell pepper (organic ) x2 

Courgette x1 

Double cream 300ml  

Chicken 1.5 kg approx. Or other fatty cuts of meat you choose. 1.5kg 

Full Fat Greek Yogurt 500 g  

Free range eggs x12 

Cheese. 300g approx. A large pack might be more economical as it can be used in subsequent weeks.  

Frozen cod  360g or whatever size you can get. (Other fish of your choice) 

Pecan nuts 100g 

Mixed nuts  200g 

Olive oil 1 litre or smaller  

Coconut oil. Whatever size you can get.  

Mayo 450g or what is most economical. Check the carbs  

Peppercorns or ground black pepper, one container 

Spice mix of your choice  

Coffee, Tea, or Infusion of your choice. ( £2.30 was spent on coffee for the first week) 

Dark Chocolate 85% 200g (Tesco’s own brand cheapest) 

(milk if you need it for tea and coffee- not included)