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Week One: Nutrition Information

A spreadsheet breaking down the amount of carbohydrates, calories and protein contained within the quantities of food for Week 1 of Keto Kickstarter.

foodquantity for the weekcarbscalsproteinsource. Pyo pick your own, gyo grow your own
olive oil100ml09000
coconut oil100g09000
double cream300ml4.814014.5Amendments.
pecans100g5.87049.2Add coconut oil £3.00
mixed nuts200g13123243.2 Remove cost of ingredients that will carry over to following weeks, olive oil, coconut oil, yogurt, cheese, mayonnaise
frozen cod120g0.37315.3
full fat greek yogurt500g27.562021
cauliflower1 cauliflower 900g3038036local/gyo
mature cheddar300g0.483250.8
Tesco dark chocolate200g44117022.4
cucumber 300g4.5332.1local/gyo
mayo100g1.96700.9recipe alternativeMayo substitute;add £1.81 extra for garlic clove, mustard, organic butter.
onion130g12521.5local/gyoTrudi's Mayo ( link)
coffeeas needed000
spiceuse up7.91193.3
pepperas needed000Notes. Spice mix unnecessary if you are happy to buy spices individually and will save on carbs. Little energy here.
bell pepper200g9.2542
total in shop207.0513746667.5
Average per day29.5g carbs1963 calories95.3g protein£28.63 per week. First week will cost £39