Type 1 Keto

Week 2, Day 5

Week 2:Day 5 

Real-world keto living is about having the same meal from time to time. Most people are creatures of habit. Many people have the same breakfast meal regularly. That often carries through the rest of the day. If I were to have breakfast, it would be mostly variations on egg or possibly Greek Yogurt. Some days I might add some bacon. For a treat, it might be a fry-up full English Breakfast.  

I cannot think of a time when I had 21 different recipes in a week. I have tried to do it in the past. You know when you get carried away with a fad and set out to do the shop. Only to find that the ingredients are missing, and the time spent looking for stuff takes ages. Not to mention the bill! If I had ‘staff,’ it might be different. My friend’s son is a chef on someone’s yacht in some beautiful marina—that sort of thing. But, coming back to reality, I am going to have a Cheese, Egg, and Cucumber Salad with Olive Oil and Nuts. It is easy to prepare. Chop the cheese and cucumber into small chunks. Boil an Egg until hard ( about 8 minutes). Peel and chop the egg when cold. Arrange everything on a plate, throw on some mixed nuts and garnish with a glug of olive oil. Black pepper as needed to taste. I also added some sea salt to this to intensify the taste.  

I used olive oil as I felt that I needed to add a bit of energy to the meal. I need to use up my allowance for the week  

Some people feel that this keto lifestyle might make them hungry and that the portions are a bit small. It is just a different way of looking at things, I think. Granted, that meal I have just described might seem like a light lunch. But it is packed with nutrition, and I know it will more than satisfy my hunger until the evening. And that includes an hour’s run planned for later. I won’t be eating, especially to prepare for that. I will carry on burning the body fat as usual. It is the beauty of a keto lifestyle in Type 1 diabetes. This lifestyle is as ‘non-diabetic’ as it gets. Going for an hour run with no preparation is a luxury compared to the bad old days of carbing up, adjusting the basal the night before, and all that. Of course, I have the advantage of a CGM. And I always have my Type 1 checklist in my mind. (phone charged; some form of medical identity; in case of emergency (ICE) number in the phone contacts list; glucose tablets; CGM transmitter charged; glucose level adequate to start the run.  It is a big list that all Type 1’s have to carry out daily. Never mind planning to drive!. But the keto lifestyle makes me less hungry than carbing up every few hours. Then the carb withdrawal effects make me hungry.  

No, this salad is the right, filling choice.  

 I have plenty of fish and will have some of that today. I have no desire for more meat at this point.  

So I have decided to make Fish Pie Roulade Style. I should have made a fish pie. Yes, it was a sort of disaster, but fun to attempt it. The last time I did anything ‘roulade’ was a swiss roll when the children were young. What on earth possessed me to take this on, I’ll never know. But the preparation is essentially the same either way.  

Steam the remaining cauliflower. While this is happening, add an egg to the steamer pan to hard boil it.  In the meantime, slice up a few mushrooms. Take half of the remaining cod which has been thawed overnight in the fridge. Coarsely separate the pieces of cod and mix in with the chopped boiled egg, mushrooms, and a small amount of cream. Season with salt and pepper as needed. Mash the cauliflower with a fork with some cream. The sensible thing at this point is to add the fish mix to an ovenproof dish, cover with the mashed cauliflower and cook in the oven at 160°C for 15-20 minutes until the cod is just cooked. If you have some time to spare, spread the cauliflower mix to about 1cm depth on a sheet of greaseproof paper. Enough to hold the fish mix. Or leave some of the mix and add to the tray separately. Then roll up the cauliflower mash around the fish mix. When you get to the end, slide it onto a baking tray, and cook in the oven as above. Good luck! Chefs will have a method. I’m sure.  

It is a meal in itself. Add mayo if you want 

I finished the meal with some Greek Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries. In fact, ‘fresh is pushing the description) I have frozen the few remaining strawberries.  

And as a treat, Black Coffee and a Square of 85% Dark Chocolate. 

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