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Week 2, Day 6

Week 2:Day 6 

It is the time of the week to review the ingredients I have left in the cupboard and plan the last couple of day’s meals. I am a bit low on veg and fruit, but there is enough to make a variety of meals. I have the pork stew in the freezer and some coconut and lime ice cream. I will take the frozen strawberries and remaining yogurt and cream and do the same with those.  

The preparation for my lunch meal was done on day 2.  I am going to have half of the Pork and Vegetable Stew. I like this form of cooking. It is the ultimate in nutritional extraction. The process of cooking the pork joint has made a significant amount of meat juices. I have used some of that for gravy in previous meals. I have removed all of the meat from the bone and stored it for later—similarly, the rind. 

The juices were covered in a small amount of boiling water to make a gravy in the roasting tray.  Pour this over the bone which has been placed in a saucepan (the bottom pan of the steamer). Just enough to cover the bone. Season ( pepper mainly.The Thai spices are available if desired). A courgette, a small amount of cauliflower, half of the onion remaining, and a few mushrooms can be added. Leave to simmer for a couple of hours. After cooking, recover the bones and add the meat to the pot. 

This slow cooking helps to give up any spare meat on the bone. It also helps to release some of the bone nutrients into the broth.  

The result is a hearty stew. If there is not much meat, it is still excellent as a meal-in-one soup. It will be highly nutritious and virtually a ‘free’ meal. Waste not want not.  Some might see this as an inadequate first course, but in reality, it is more than adequate. And also it is very filling. 

For the evening meal, it will be  Mushroom Omelette. I have two eggs to spare, and I will split the remaining mushrooms between the last two meals.  

Fry the sliced mushrooms in olive oil and set aside. Beat two eggs with black pepper and any cream leftover. Pour into the frying pan and cook until it just starts to firm-up. Turn out onto a plate. Add the fried mushrooms and fold in half. You can add mayo if you prefer.  

As a sweet, it will be ice cream. Either Strawberry Ice Cream or Coconut and Lime Ice Cream. If you can’t decide, have half of each! Homemade ice creams can be hard in texture. Instead of going to the bother of adding gums and fibre, there is another way. The softening method using added ingredients is a great idea and suitable for another time. But for the budget-conscious, it is okay to take the Ice Cream out of the freezer, plate it up and leave out for half to one hour before serving.  

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