Type 1 Keto

Today is the halfway point of the week. I have some ideas of today and still plenty of ingredients left. Tomorrow I will have to assess my stock and start to plan the best way to use up the remainder of the food. But today, the pork has to be prepared for final use. It has been an excellent purchase and provided a lot of protein for the week. I still have enough meat on the bone for another meal. And I have the cooking juices, bone, and rind. Some people would throw these away, but they are full of energy and nutrients.

The rind is the easy part. It lifts off the cooked joint and is quite crispy already. But I gave it a final few minutes under the grill to crisp it to perfection. Then I added some salt and broke it into pieces for a snack. Pork rind is the culinary term for the skin.  The way these have been prepared turns them into crackling or Pork Scratchings. 31% fat, 62% protein. Far too nutritious to waste.  Pork fat is composed of almost equal amounts of saturated and unsaturated fat. Peanut butter is about the same as this. Very few foods contain just one type of fat. It is something that is not communicated well. Anyway, these pork scratchings need using up today. I had them as a snack.

I also prepared a Courgette Omelette as I was quite hungry. Omelettes of all types are easy to prepare. This dish might even qualify as a frittata. I’ve just looked it up. Fritatta means ‘fried’ in Italian. A frittata is started on the hob and finished in the oven. An omelette is made entirely on the hob. But, with an omelette you fold in the ingredients, with a frittata, you cook the ingredients with the omelette. So it is a hybrid. Fritatta sounds more exotic. I will go with that. It is becoming fun naming recipes.  So for lunch, instead of an omelette with courgettes, I had a Courgette Frittata. I’m sure they would both have tasted equally nice! It is made as follows. Fry a sliced courgette in olive oil in a frying pan.  Turn the slices over when they start to brown after a few minutes. About a minute after turning, add the beaten two eggs and a small amount of cream.  When the egg is cooked, serve up. You can add mayo and pepper if needed—an easy but tasty meal.

For the evening it was Pork Slices with Fried Shredded Sweetheart Cabbage Leaves. Slice the remaining pork from the bone. Take the rest of the sweetheart cabbage, cut out the stems and then thinly slice the leaves. Fry in either hot coconut or olive oil. Remove and turn out onto a serving plate. Fry the pork slices and add to the cabbage leaves. Season.

Afterwards, I had a few Fresh Strawberries and Cream. I have about half a dozen strawberries left. They will not keep another day. I have popped them into the freezer to be used up tomorrow. I have had puddings with most of my meals. It is more out of habit and convention. But everyone has what they feel is right for them.