Type 1 Keto

Week 2, Day 3

Week 2: Day 3 

It is already day three, and I have only just noticed the coffee. It was Aldi Italian Blend, strength 4, costing £1.09 for 227grams. It has a Rainforest Alliance certification and is quite good. Certainly useable. At less than half the price of a single cup of franchise chain coffee, it is a steal. I mention this because I should have noticed this on day one. Setting a coffee at the side of the computer and mindlessly sipping it while working is not a mindful way to drink coffee. I should concentrate on it. It is the same with food. I find it much better to focus on the meal when I am eating it.  It is a better experience than forking it in a while distracted by a screen.  

I will be buying more as an everyday drink, that’s for sure.  

I have already had some snacky food today—some Chocolate-Coated Hazelnuts with that coffee.  

For lunch, I decided on a Two-Egg Omelette with Cheese and Mayo. It doesn’t seem much. However, it is a filling meal, quick and easy to prepare, and there are variations on an omelette. 

I could have added mushrooms, bacon, tomato, and more. Or some green vegetables as a frittata. The energy comes out to around 400 calories, so it is a significant meal.  

I was still hungry, so I had some Strawberries and Cream. And a coffee with chocolate.  

That was a good set up for the rest of the day.  

The evening meal was Cabbage, Cheese, and Nuts. The recipe was a staple during the years I was vegetarian. In those days, I would have added flour to make a thick, cheese sauce. Now I have applied the keto modification and use just cream and grated cheese. The cabbage leaves were sliced to remove the central stalk. Then, roughly chopped and steamed. They were placed in a disk and sprinkled with mixed nuts. I used them whole, but you could crush them. A rolling pin over the nuts in a plastic bag is effective. Or bang them with the rolling pin until they submit. The peppered, single cream was poured over, then the grated cheese added. Bake in the oven at 200°C until the cheese has browned.  

I seemed a bit of a light meal, so I rustled up some Thai Pork with Beansprouts. This joint of pork has served me well. I will get one more meal out of it. Plus, I still have the rind to prepare. Chop up some pork. Flash-fry with hot olive or coconut oil. Throw in the pre-soaked Thai spices with a handful of beansprouts. They will be cooked in a minute. Serve as a second dish.  

To finish, I had some Fresh Coconut Sprinkled with Lime Juice and a few Fresh Strawberries.  

I also made some Coconut and Lime Ice Cream for use another day. Take, equal amounts od single cream and Greek yogurt suitable for one ice cream, mix in the crushed coconut, and a tiny squeeze of lime. Freeze until required. The coconut is unlikely to be fresh enough to enjoy after this. But if you can eke it out, you might prefer it raw.  

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