Type 1 Keto

Week 2, Day 1

 After the excitement of shopping and thinking about the ingredients, I am going to have a simple Roast Pork Dinner tonight. 

But first, snacks. There is a lot of choices this week: the usual chocolate, nuts, and fruit. Plus, cheese, and cucumber. Yogurt is always available. This week I can add pork scratchings. I can also use some cold meat. And, of course, the coconut.  

I am spoiled for choice, especially as I try not to snack. Of course, all of those ingredients can be made up into a light lunch. But there is no lack of snacks if you like them.  

Because I like a snack with coffee sometimes, I’m going to make some Chocolate-coated Hazelnuts. Melt about half a bar of chocolate in a saucepan placed on top of another one below. That one contains enough water to steam the upper one. If you have a Double Boiler or Bain Marie, then great. Then throw in about 50 grams of the nuts. Stir until mixed. Then recover the hazelnuts with a fork and place on greaseproof paper.  

When set, you can repeat the process to give them a thicker coat. There will be some chocolate left in the saucepan and on the greaseproof paper. Don’t discard it. Collect up the nuts and place them in a container. WARNING! Place the container out of easy reach. Or this snack will turn into a binge-fest. Put the greaseproof paper in the freezer. You can then pop off the chocolate into some yogurt for a sweet pudding course. The chocolate in the saucepan, when set, can be eaten as a plain chocolate treat.  

My lunch today was a light lunch of Diced Cucumber, Cheese, and Walnuts with Olive Oil and Black Pepper. It seems light, but the nuts, cheese, and olive oil provide the energy for this one. Very-low carb recipes might seem a meager portion size. But this way of eating uses real, nutrient-dense food. You won’t go hungry on this diet.  

For the evening meal, it was a Pork Roast Dinner

Spread some salt on the pork skin and place the joint in a covered roasting tin. Roast it depending on weight. Check the instructions on the packet. I go with 40mins per kg plus half-hour at around 160°C, turning it up at the end and removing the lid to roast the crackling.  NOTE! Do not throw away the bone or the juices from the roast. They will be used on day 5.  

Steam a quarter of the cauliflower and serve with the sliced pork. Use the juices from the roasting tin as gravy.  

Afterwards, it was Greek Yogurt, with Hazelnut and Frozen Dark Chocolate Flakes.  

The chocolate from the earlier preparation has been put to good use.  

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