Type 1 Keto

Week 1, Day 2

Day 2.

I never have breakfast. I used to. But it doesn’t suit my diabetes. I get insulin resistance until the early afternoon. So, if I eat even keto, I cannot get the sugar levels down until whatever it is about my body decides to stop the resistance. Then I am insulin sensitive again, and it is all good. I have worked out more by accident than design that two meals a day max works for me. I try not to snack, but there are times when it’s irresistible. Nothing to do with energy requirements, everything to do with psychology.  Many Type 1’s who I know eat breakfast with no problems at all.  There is a podcast on this site with two of my friends, who are also type 1. The topic is about breakfast. It’s incredible how varied this condition is. Type 1 Diabetes has one name but many ways of managing it. I think that the morning insulin resistance is hormonal. Some people get a dawn phenomenon caused by growth hormone surges which suppress insulin.  So, there is nothing to counter the glucose rise caused by glucagon.

Some people get glucose rises due to stress hormones. I reckon that might be it for me.  I say I never have breakfast. It’s more like once in a Blue Moon. Anyone interested in astronomy will know that a Blue Moon has no significance other than being the occurrence of two full moons in a Gregorian calendar month. Blue moons occur every 1-2 years. Okay, probably slightly more than once in a Blue Moon  But no more than every few months. Often for social reasons. So, my period between meals is typically from 8 pm to 2 pm the next day. Or sometimes midday. But very rarely before.

 A 16-18 hour fast. I’m never hungry these days.  It’s weird, but a shared experience of people who go low carb. Whether it is strictly a fast, I’m not sure. Because I have a cup of coffee in the morning and again, mid-morning. Black coffee is mostly composed of water. But there are substances in coffee that affect hormones. Caffeine mainly. But no doubt others. I do drink decaf because I suspect that caffeinated coffee is not that good for me. Purists of fasting would go for water. Others who like me are probably addicted, would have no problem fasting and drinking coffee. Ditto for those who drink tea as well, I expect. And did you know that coffee contains roughage? It’s called inulin and is a soluble fibre. There are 150 types of fibre, and inulin is one of them. You can buy it. It is a light sweetener based on chicory root. It’s not for this type of budget, though! This Tesco House Blend  100% arabica coffee is not too bad at all. Not a pleasant aroma at first but a drinkable taste. I’ve paid more than the price of this whole pack for a worse effort in a café. And there’s a little green tree frog on it. Rainforest Alliance Certificated. Win-win. It’s not decaf, though. There was none at the right price. Another compromise, but if I time it right, it will be okay. We all have to adapt our habits from time to time.  

So, it’s now 1 pm, and I have become hungry. What to have to break the fast? There is so much choice after a weekly shop! I have decided to have a light breakfast because I’m going to stack up for the evening meal. It could be one of those scarily-too -large -to- be- real strawberries I bought. Plus, some yogurt. Or double cream. Or it could be yogurt with a few pecans. It’s going to be yogurt! I have decided on a dessertspoon of Greek yogurt with four pecan halves and some shavings from a nutty chocolate snack. Perfect for the occasion. That could easily have been the breakfast if I were a breakfast person.

An hour later, another strawberry and the remainder of that nutty chocolate snack. Stress snacking.  I need to get out! I usually do an hour’s physical activity in one go each day but missed two days and need to do something today.

So, I went for some physical activity for an hour. It wasn’t a lunch break. But that would have been a good use of the time—a great way to relieve stress and clear the mind.

Soon after, it was time for the preparation of the evening meal. Tonight, it’s going to be  Chicken Curry, Raita, and Cauliflower Rice. Okay, it’s not going to put the Rajdoot down the road out of business, but then again, I can’t get cauliflower rice there. I should have bought some papadoms, but they are pricey for not a lot of nutrition. But fun. And low carb because they are so thin.  If I were at an Indian restaurant, I would have a popadom or two, then dry tandoori style curry with salad. The portions are often so large that you wouldn’t miss the rice. Plus, it would be appropriately spiced. This meal used a spice blend from Tesco. Quite expensive at £1.50 and quite a carby mixture. But better than I could ever blend spices.  This pack was all I could get with my budget. I reckon there are cheaper ones elsewhere.  In time I could collect the spices and have fun blending them. But we need to keep to the budget. We are on a mission! This was an easy peasy meal to prepare.  400g chicken,  half an onion lightly fried, one packet of the spice mix. Add together, stir, cook 20 mins at 200. While that is cooking, take a quarter of a cauliflower, blitz, or grate, fry in about a dessert spoon of coconut oil or olive oil if you want. When cooked, add black pepper and serve. The rather grandly named raita is a piece of cucumber finely cut, a heaped teaspoon of yogurt, and a few drops of lemon juice.

For a drink with my meal, I chose Tap Water infused with a thin slice of lemon and some ice.

Afterwards, a black coffee and a nutty chocolate snack. A meal fit for a king!

There was far too much chicken. That is in the fridge for a snack or even part of a meal. I haven’t decided yet. That’s all part of the fun.

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