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Type 1 Ninjas

Masters in the art of Keto

Join our meeting in Stroud, Gloucestershire on Friday 9th June 9-30-1-30

This meeting is suitable for anyone involved in type 1 management. See details below

Free Take-Away keto food worth £5 with your ticket!

Dr Ian Lake -Medical. (click image for bio)

Emma Porter-Nutrition

Jon Furniss-Sport

Jane E Hall - Motivation

Ian M ninja (2)

Type 1 Ninjas are all people living with Type 1 diabetes. They have a combined experience of over 100 years of type 1 diabetes management and twenty years combined experience of ketogenic lifestyles. They are experts in the management of Type 1 diabetes with a keto diet and have come together to tell you about what they do. By getting expert information from people who live with diabetes every day, we hope that you will avoid all of the experimentation and searching for information that we had to do.

We do this because we passionately believe that others are missing out on information about the most effective and evidence-based scientific solution to Type 1 diabetes management. This half-day meeting will cover the medical aspects of converting to keto, diet, physical activity and supporting your mental health. We will talk about our own journeys, what we found challenging and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Type 1 Ninjas will host a half-day seminar which will give you all of the information you need to make an informed choice about this option for your Type 1 diabetes. Whether you are someone living with Type 1, living with or caring for someone with Type 1, or working as a healthcare professional, this meeting is intended for you. The ideal type 1 management is a sharing of ideas and a collaboration between the person living with it 24/7 and their healthcare professional.

We have discovered the hard way how to normalise blood glucose using a ketogenic lifestyle. Before this, they struggled to achieve the near-impossible task of getting normal and smooth glucose traces. This was because the art of injecting insulin at the exact right moment to balance the carbohydrates and protein in meals is very difficult. The fact is that blood glucose levels are determined by more than the carbs in the diet and insulin.

A keto lifestyle is not difficult to learn and the principles of insulin management are the same as any diet. The evidence is that keto diets not only normalise blood glucose but reduce the number of hypos up to sixfold and bring the HbA1c into the normal non-diabetic range in the majority of cases. In addition, most people halve their insulin daily doses, which will lead to better health outcomes in the future.

Meeting Details

All of the Ninjas will be at this meeting.

Venue open from 09:15

09:30 Introduction

09:35 Presentations by the ninjas, who we are and our stories.

10:25 Why Keto? How do you go keto and what it involves

11:00 Break

11:20 Panel Questions and Discussion

11:50 What food do you eat on a keto diet?

12:20 Mental Health, avoiding pitfalls, physical activity.

13:30 discussion and close by 1400.

By the end of the meeting, you will have a good idea about the benefits of a keto lifestyle, what it involves and how it might fit into your lifestyle.

Venue and booking

Friday 9th June, 09:30-13:30

St Lukes Therapy Centre, Cainscross Road, Stroud, Glos, GL5 4EX

The centre has a meeting room with access to a patio and garden. There is very limited parking on site and if you do not have health conditions that limit your physical activity please consider parking at one of the town car parks. The closest is Cheapside and it is next to the station. Both the station and Cheapside car park are a five-minute walk from the venue. There is also unrestricted street parking around the area.

The meeting room is on the lower floor, Please follow the signs through the garden to the right of the building,

Drinks and keto snacks will be available. if you want to eat after the meeting, we can suggest some suitable places.

Stroud is a vibrant Cotswold town and there is lots to see and do. If you are planning to extend your stay for the weekend there is an award-winning Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Similarly, if you want to get some physical activity after the meeting there are dozens of places to go within walking distance of the venue.

Here is a website you might want to look at so that you can plan your visit. (avoid the pizza, and fish and chips!) click

Please use the contact form if you have any questions.

Dr Ian Lake

Ian is a GP and started a keto lifestyle eight years ago after twenty years of conventional management. The problem is that the balancing of insulin with carbs is not an easy thing to get right and there are so many other aspects of lifestyle that affect glucose control.

‘Having studied this for eight years I have concluded that the keto approach to type1 diabetes makes the most sense when one studies the metabolic processes in the body. Type 1 diabetes is about insulin management around an appropriate diet and lifestyle. It is important that we are masters of this. Our specialists cannot be there all of the time.’

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About Emma
Nutrition and Recipes

Creator of Mrs P’s Low Carb Kitchen ( Emma is an author, recipe developer, low carb lifestyle coach and mother of two. Emma writes and develops recipes focused on nutrient rich foods specifically designed to help those living with diabetes and their families.

Living with Type one diabetes (diagnosed in 2005), Emma knows first-hand the importance of staying healthy, maintaining good nutrition and has an incredibly positive outlook on health, which has gained her a strong and loyal social media following.

In 2018 Emma became a published author of The Low Carb Diabetes Cookbook (Penguin Random House), co-written with world-renowned endocrinologist Dr David Cavan.

Emma wears an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor.

Jon Furniss

Jon Furniss has used a ketogenic diet since 2019 to normalise his blood sugar whilst living with T1 diabetes.  He is a passionate Public Health Collaboration charity ambassador, and trained health coach – providing metabolic information and coaching services to support others to normalise their blood sugar.

Jon is a long-term competitive cyclist, having raced the national 24hr time trial championships, and ridden John O’Groats to Lands End in 7 days.  Until 2019 he was ‘conventionally’ fuelled with large amounts of carbohydrates – and suffered as a consequence.  Now fuelled by fat, Jon continues as a keen club level cyclist, and will talk about the benefits of low carbohydrate performance in sport.

About Jane

An artist, author, nature conservationist and mental health advocate, I have lived with diabetes for 50 years, diagnosed in early childhood, when insulin was drawn up in glass syringes and daily glucose levels in the body were measured by way of urinalysis. My, how things have changed! I now manage my diabetes using an omnipod patch pump and flash glucose monitoring – yet recently adopting a ketogenic diet is proving itself to be an equally powerful tool in optimising my health. Eager to share, keen other T1D’s shouldn’t have to wait 50 years to learn of this simple, yet radical approach to diet and fitness

About Ian Mosely
In Training

As a type 1 diabetic since 2014, I am the rookie of the keto lifestyle for better diabetes management. Despite my active lifestyle, I struggled with blood sugar fluctuations.


After trying various solutions, including Dexcom G6 and a closed-loop pump, I turned to the keto diet, cutting carbs further. In just three weeks, I’ve experienced improved glucose control, allowing me to run and cycle without  crashes.


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