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Reviewing what I’ve Bought for the Week Ahead

So, that’s the shop out of the way. First impressions; ‘I’ll never eat all that in a week.’ The second impression; ‘That’s a lot of food to keep one person fed for a week.’ Multiply by 7 billion for the planet, and you start to see the scale of the problem. 

  There were some compromises, as usual. Some of the vegs were not British. Salad vegetables were of continental European origin. It might be best to wait until they come into season in the UK another time. Because there were no street markets open because of the  COVID pandemic, the outlets for the veg was limited.  

There are local crops now ready in gardens and sold at garden and farm gates. Eggs can be especially cheap. And you can often see what conditions the chickens are living under. There is an abundance of salad leaves and spinach and chard in this early summer. Strawberries are ripe, and Rhubarb is getting past its best. But every berry fruit you could want is getting ready to ripen. There are some perfectly good-sized strawberries ripening. When I compare them with the shop variety, they are so small. Modern strawberries are getting to be the size of plums. It can’t be right. Anyhow, those shop strawberries won’t keep fresh all week, and I will need to make ice cream out of them. I can store that and use it later or store it and eat the fresh garden strawberries. Lettuce and spinach from the garden are difficult to keep up with. I will be giving it away all week to do this project.  Growing a tub of leaves with a few seeds and repeat sowing monthly, will give you your salad for the spring to autumn and will coat about £2 for the seed. If you have a garden and don’t mind the mess, then leave the plants to flower, and the seeds can fall onto the ground to grow next year.  Of you can harvest the seed and use them the following year  

The spend on chicken could have been reduced to about half. But this was an attempt to buy some meat produced to at least a level of animal welfare standards. I could have bought any meat. The fattier the best. Offal is good. We should be aiming to eat and animal from nose to tail as they say. Butchers are so much better than supermarkets and will give you exactly the cut and amount you want and at a very competitive price. Offal is almost criminally cheap.  

I wasn’t happy with the spice mix and would have preferred to buy spices and blend. But to keep to a budget, I had to buy a blended pack.  

Coffee will supply 3 cups a day if needed. That’s 21 cups for £2.30. Franchise cafes would charge £54.60 for the same number of drinks.  

For £10 under the national average spend on a weekly food bill, I have all of the energy and protein I need and a ketogenic amount of carbs. I will need to carb count for the insulin, but this is going to be a breeze. There are no recipes to follow, but we shall see how it goes each day. Two thousand calories is the current recommended adult daily allowance, so that has been the target for the project. Let’s see how things go.  

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