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Podcasts by people who transitioned to a keto lifestyle

Eirin Winje

Eirin is making the case for keto diet and lifestyle in Norway by highlighting the reduction in diabetes distress and the number of daily interventions required. She loves the feeling of being naturally tired after a hard work out, without the metabolic mess leaving her tired because she is sick. She celebrated her improvement in diabetes control by challenging herself to run 100 runs leading up to a half marathon. Her journey is getting noticed by other diabetes patients, relevant healthcare personnel and beginning to make waves. Listen to what drives her forward. Instagram ( impossible_run) , Facebook (Psykolog Eirin Winje)

Tracy and Amanda

Tracy had type1 diabetes since adulthood. She found Richard Bernstein’s book and started to explore very low carb diets online. Tracy converted herself to a keto diet, and met Amanda, who lives in the same town, through a running contact. Amanda was also diagnosed in adulthood and went straight onto a ketogenic diet very soon after diagnosis. They are now running buddies and have a remarkable story to tell.

Suzanne Schneider

Suzanne reversed her diabetes when she had a double organ transplant. Now she takes anti-rejection drugs in place of insulin. Listen to this fascinating podcast.

Gina Roberts

Gina transformed her Type 1 diabetes by changing to a ketogenic diet and tells me about the effect it had on her life. She has a website which is well worth a look.

Jon Furniss

Jon is a keen high-level amateur sportsman. He took part in the Zerofive100 run and subsequently successfully completed a zerofive500 cycle ride. He developed Type 1 as an adult and tells us what happened to his life and approach to sport when he made the transition to a keto lifestyle.

Fergus Craig

Fergus was well ahead of the curve when he worked out that keto was a logical choice in Type 1. He was a very early adopter of keto in Type 1 before a lot of the information was available.

Claire Bridges

Claire tells her story of transitioning to a keto diet after decades of Type 1 diabetes which began in childhood. An insight into the changes in diabetes management over the years.

Prof. Marcus Seamann

Prof. Marcus lives with Type 1 diabetes and also is a medical doctor now leading a department in Austria as a kidney specialist. Here he talks about his own approach to managing Type 1 diabetes. A story from both sides of the consulting desk!