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Podcasts by people who transitioned to a keto lifestyle

Suzanne Schneider

Suzanne reversed her diabetes when she had a double organ transplant. Now she takes anti-rejection drugs in place of insulin. Listen to this fascinating podcast.

Gina Roberts

Gina transformed her Type 1 diabetes by changing to a ketogenic diet and tells me about the effect it had on her life. She has a website which is well worth a look.

Jon Furniss

Jon is a keen high-level amateur sportsman. He took part in the Zerofive100 run and subsequently successfully completed a zerofive500 cycle ride. He developed Type 1 as an adult and tells us what happened to his life and approach to sport when he made the transition to a keto lifestyle.

Fergus Craig

Fergus was well ahead of the curve when he worked out that keto was a logical choice in Type 1. He was a very early adopter of keto in Type 1 before a lot of the information was available.

Claire Bridges

Claire tells her story of transitioning to a keto diet after decades of Type 1 diabetes which began in childhood. An insight into the changes in diabetes management over the years.

Prof. Marcus Seamann

Prof. Marcus lives with Type 1 diabetes and also is a medical doctor now leading a department in Austria as a kidney specialist. Here he talks about his own approach to managing Type 1 diabetes. A story from both sides of the consulting desk!