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Become an Expert in Your Type 1 Diabetes Management

Type 1 diabetes is difficult to manage. Factors like physical activity, mindset, and food all impact this condition.It doesn’t have to be a constant challenge if you have the right information to guide you

By understanding how insulin works across all these roots of health, you will be empowered to help yourself live a better life.

Our 6 speakers, each with unique insights into managing their T1 diabetes, by optimising insulin use will share their lived experience examples and research. 


Join us on the south coast and invest in becoming an expert in your own health management

DATE: Saturday, 13th July 2024, TIME: 09:30-14:30
VENUE: Peter Digby Scouting Centre, Joe Bigwood Cl, Nursling, Southampton SO16 0YL

Snacks are available but please bring your lunch if required’ ​Questions? Please contact: