Type 1 Keto

In this podcast by Prof. Marcus Saemann, Marcus gives a wide-ranging overview of diabetic renal disease based on his research and personal experience from decades of working in renal medicine. He gives some valuable insights into dietary protein and his findings from research on SGLT2 inhibitors. Marcus has also provided a podcast based on his experience of using a keto diet in Type 1 diabetes which you can access here

There is a reference to a  creatinine level of 2.0mg/dl in the podcast. This is equivalent to 176 micromol/l

EPAREG Trial https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1515920

Molecular regulation of the renin–angiotensin system by sodium–glucose cotransporter 2 inhibition in type 1 diabetes mellitus https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00125-019-4871-8

Marcus Profile and Research https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Marcus-Saemann


I have 15 years of experience in nephrology and internal medicine. I am a professor at the Medical University of Vienna, on the board of the Nephrology and Dialysis at the Wilhelminenspital of the City of Vienna, and the deputy chief of the Nephrology Ward at the General Hospital of Vienna. Since 2010, I have been a board member of the Austrian Society of Nephrology and served as its congress president in 2014.

I am an active researcher with well over 100 medical articles published, reviewer or editorial board member for a number of medical journals, PhD supervisor, and recipient of multiple awards.

I focus on kidney diseases, kidney transplantation, diabetes, dialysis, hypertension. I have treated over 4,000 patients.

My research interests:

Cardiovascular Focus:
– Diabetic Kidney Disease
– HDL in Chronic Kidney Disease
– Post-Transplant Diabetes mellitus (PTDM)
– Biomarkers in Chronic Kidney Disease
– Renin-Angiotensin System: Novel therapeutics
– Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction in Chronic Kidney Disease
– Gender and Chronic Kidney Disease
– Combined Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation
– Tuberous Sclerosis
– Hereditary Amyloidosis

Immunological Focus:
– Immunosuppression after Organ Transplantation
– Transplant Immunosuppression
– Transplant-associated Microangiopathy

– Transplant Infection