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Did you know that people who choose keto as a diet get good results from day 1? Also, there is plenty of research to show that people who choose keto have fewer hypos and need smaller doses of insulin which makes this a whole lot safer than usual practice.

This course is a short course to get you up to speed with keto lifestyles. If you are new to keto, then start here. If you are struggling to remember the basics of diabetes management, don’t worry. The first part of the course does a revision of Type 1.

MODULE 1. We talk about the different types of insulin and carb counting (it is important as well in keto). Then we revise dose estimation and correction calculations. before going on to teach about insulin carb, insulin protein ratios and insulin sensitivity in MODULE 2

In MODULE 3 we teach metabolism and how the different foods are processed. 

We know that many people, up to a quarter, will have emotional issues with carbs, so in MODULE 4, we talk through how to recognise and cope with carb dependence and addiction. 

You will then be set up to look at the keto lifestyle. The most significant aspect of a keto lifestyle is being able to recognise the keto diet and have fun preparing the wide variety of recipes that this way of living offers. Sure, it is restricted in carbs, but that should not stop your enjoyment of eating. In  MODULES  5 and 6, there will be a lot of information about recipes and choosing the right food for your lifestyle.

Each week we will provide you with recipe ideas and some ideas to practice ahead of the next module of the course. 

It is important also to mention the other aspects of lifestyle that affect diabetes: stress, physical activity and sleep. We cover all of this in MODULE 7. 

You can book on the modules that interest you or ideally attend all modules. They are priced at £10 and each session lasts an hour. 

After the course, you will be well prepared to discuss your decision to adopt a keto lifestyle with your clinician. There is a clinician course available to them should they need to know more. They might be interested to hear about it, so please tell them. 

 Interested?  Please fill in the form below. We will contact you when the course is scheduled to start. Each course will be limited to 15 people so that everyone can feel comfortable contributing to the discussion.

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I would like to register my husband also for this beginners course: Bjørn Inge Anundskås (bjorninge3110@gmail.com). He is the one with diabetes type 1, I am the support team and the chef 🙂

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