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Keto Master

The modules that build this course will give you the detail you need to manage your keto lifestyle with confidence. Pick and choose which ones suit your needs. The design of this Keto Master course is such that you will have an equal level of knowledge on daily management as your Healthcare Professional. This will facilitate a more productive consultation at your clinic reviews. 

It is recommended that you book on a course and go through the modules with the same members of the group each time. The course numbers are limited to 15 so that there is time for everyone to contribute.  For this reason, we build up a list of interested people and open each course when sufficient people have registered. If you are interested, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. 

Module 1. All about Insulin. How it acts naturally and the challenges of injection. Insulin degradation and managing insulin resistance. A look at the often ignored hormone glucagon. 

Module 2. A deep dive into Ketosis. Metabolism of food, and why carbs are such a problem. The difference between nutritional ketosis and Ketoacidosis and why even low-carbers need to respect DKA.

Module 3. The ‘numbers’. How to interpret your lab results when you are on a keto lifestyle. What is tested and why. What is not tested and should be.  What to expect at your annual review. Managing your risk factors. 

Module 4. Preparing to go Keto. Principles of insulin management, contraindications and cautions. Speed of transition, fast or slow? Revision of insulin calculations. ISI ICR correction doses. 

Module 5. Food! What do keto people eat? Revision of carb counting. Reading the labels. Menus, eating out. Eat Real Food!

Module 6. Question and answer session, chance fro informal chat about what we have learned and how we are getting on. This will be regularly available as a module outside of the course. 

Module 6. Our emotional relationship with food. Eating habits. Carb tolerance and addiction, strategies to manage food dependence and disordered eating. Please note this is not a specialist course for those with clinical eating disorders. 

Module 7. Physical Activity. We look at the principles of managing type 1 during exercise recognising that there are many types of exercise and many ways of managing Type 1. We will use the results of the www.zerofive100 project to explore how keto is a good strategy for some types of activity. 

Module 8. Stress and sleep. Why do these make Type 1 more difficult to manage? Sharing ideas, learning from others.  The peculiar paradox of brain insulin and why Type 2 diabetes caused by treatment for type 1 might present a problem.  

Module 9 Research and Evidence. How the presentation of data can distort reality. Are you being conned? The evidence supporting keto diets in T1. The evidence we are lacking. How on earth can we work out what is best?  NICE guidelines and the confusing way they reach conclusions. Two examples. 

Module 10. Revision of the course modules. Moving forward. Contributing to the evidence with your own data and stories. Networking. 

Register your interest on the form below. Thanks and see you soon. 

Thanks for your interest in the course. Once enough people have signed up to the course we will notify you of the start dates. There will be a maximum of 15 people on each course so that there is time to join the discussion.

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