Type 1 Keto

Keto Kickstarter Basic

The Keto Kickstarter Basic is a 2 week set of starter-menus based around 30g of carbohydrates, ethically-sourced food, locally produced where possible. The menus are split into 2 separate weeks with a shopping list and menus for each week.

Week 1 Shopping List

Shopping List for Week 1  Lemon or lime for water flavour 1   Strawberries or other seasonal fresh fruit. Or one or two types. 400g approx.   Cauliflower 1 large 

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Week One Menus and Recipes

The recipe list was compiled from the freshest ingredients available each day. Water and black coffee were consumed every day. Coffee is only on this

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Week 2 Shopping List

Pork Loin 1.5kg  Cucumber  Beansprouts 400g  Bell Peppers 2  Cauliflower  Lime (Sainsbury’s)  Courgettes pack of 3  Onions pack of 2  Mushrooms 250g  One fresh coconut 

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Week 2 Menus

Day 1 Diced Cucumber, Cheese, and Walnuts with Olive Oil and Black Pepper. It seems light, but the nuts, cheese, and olive oil provide the

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