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Keto Course Advanced

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Transform Your Health with Type 1 Keto Courses.

Enrich your knowledge and expertise in managing Type 1 diabetes with our Advanced Keto Course. This comprehensive, assessed course extends beyond the Essential Course, offering additional insights into metabolic processes and the nuanced management of keto diets for individuals with complications. The curriculum also encompasses crucial modules on driving, mental health, and physical activity. The content of this course looks at insulin optimisation across all roots of health: diet, mindset, activity, sleep and our environment.

Course Details

  • Minimum of 20 hours of CPD
  • Over 200 references for further reading
  • 150+ assessment questions in multiple-choice and workbook formats

Peer-Reviewed Expertise

The course content has undergone rigorous peer review by healthcare professionals, including experts in the field and individuals with Type 1 diabetes possessing expert knowledge in managing the condition through a ketogenic diet.

Flexible Learning

  • Online revision sessions and mentoring available
  • Build a bespoke package by adding modules from the Advanced Course to align with your learning needs

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the rationale for a ketogenic diet in Type 1 diabetes
  • Formulate a ketogenic diet effectively
  • Revise relevant metabolic pathways
  • Possess practical knowledge to guide individuals with Type 1 diabetes in adopting a ketogenic diet
  • Offer advice on ketogenic diets concerning diabetes complications
  • Develop a rational plan for monitoring Type 1 diabetes at all stages
  • Have a working knowledge of the principles of physical activity as a management tool
  • Understand the impact of Type 1 diabetes on mental health
  • Be aware of the aetiology of Type 1 diabetes

Confident Diabetes Management

By the course's conclusion, clinicians should feel confident in managing and providing advice on all aspects of Type 1 diabetes with a ketogenic diet.