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Type 1 Diabetes Advanced Keto Course

Advanced Keto Course

A Minimum of 20 hours of CPD

This is a comprehensive assessed course covering all of the modules in the Essential Course but with extra information on metabolic processes and the management of keto diets for those with complications. There are also modules covering driving, mental health and physical activity. The Advanced Keto Course has a minimum of 20 hours of CPD. In practice, some people can take longer depending on how many references they choose to read. There are over 200 references in the course for further reading and over 150 assessment questions in multiple choice and workbook style format. It is well suited to those clinicians who need to make clinical decisions on the management of Type 1 diabetes.

The course content has been peer-reviewed by healthcare professionals who are considered to be experts in their field and/or are people with Type 1 diabetes and who have expert knowledge of managing this condition with a ketogenic diet.

  • Online revision sessions and mentoring can be arranged for those who prefer to supplement their knowledge using a video format.
  • You can also build up a bespoke package by adding modules from the Advanced Course to match your learning needs perfectly.

The learning objectives of this course are as follows

– Understand the rationale for a ketogenic diet in Type 1 diabetes
– Understand how to formulate a ketogenic diet
– Revise metabolic pathways that are relevant to a ketogenic diet
– Have the practical knowledge required to help a person with Type 1 diabetes to adopt a ketogenic diet.
– Advise on ketogenic diets with respect to diabetes complications
– Have a rational plan for monitoring Type 1 diabetes at all stages of the condition
– Have a working knowledge of the principles of physical activity in Type1 diabetes and the importance of this as a management tool
– Understand the impact of Type 1 diabetes on mental health
– Be aware of the aetiology of Type 1 diabetes
– By the end of this course, the clinician should feel confident in managing and giving advice on all aspects of Type 1 diabetes with a ketogenic diet.