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Insulin Optimization in Type 1 Diabetes

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Insulin Optimisation Across all Roots of Health in Type 1 Diabetes

Invest in your future health and add life to years as well as years to life. You can have both.

If you want to combine a luxury week at a health and wellbeing centre and start a new journey learning how to optimise your type 1 diabetes management then this could be for you!

Join us at Combe Grove, Bath from Monday September 30th -Sunday October 6th  2024  for a six-day immersive week learning all about how to manage diabetes to the optimum based on sound science. There is another course in February 2025  if you can’t make this one. The six day residential course is just the beginning of your journey. We have an online follow-up  programme lasting nearly a year and you will have the opportunity to consult throughout that period, join the course attendees in a What’s App group and  have the opportunity to return after three months for more learning and to meet the next group of people starting their journey with the residential course.

The course will explore the roots of health, nutrition, our environment, physical activity, sleep and circadian rhythms, and our mindset as they apply to type 1 diabetes. Myself, Dr Ian Lake, will provide all of the clinical information required for you to achieve a high level of knowledge on the metabolic science of type 1 diabetes. It is based on the latest research into the science of nutrition and how it can be targeted for therapeutic use.  Our experience is that, by the end of the course, people feel confident that they can self manage type 1 with far more confidence based around the information provided on this course.

I will be joined throughout the course by a team of  people who themselves live with type 1 diabetes and also are experts in insulin management. Jane Hall tells her story of fifty years of Type 1 and how she has learned to cope with the stress of complications.  Emma Porter is an expert in cooking and recipe development, and has a practical demonstration of her recipes.  Jon Furniss is a high level cyclist and an engineer who has deconstructed the science to tell us how he manages his diabetes on the principles of insulin optimisation. Suzanne Schneider is no longer someone living with type 1 diabetes as a result of a pancreas transplant and is working towards a doctorate on people with  disordered eating in type 1 diabetes, She also shares narratives of interviews with people living with type 1 diabetes and how the language and attitudes of clinicians can affect our sense of wellbeing. Between us the teaching contributions provide over 100 years of type 1 diabetes  experience, and 25 years experience of insulin optimisation.  In addition we have experts in sleep and circadian rhythms, Dr Ian Collins is a psychiatrist who became interested in sleep and circadian rhythms early on in his career in the noisy night-time hospital  ward environment and through talking to his patients. We use his expertise in the course to explain how this impacts type 1 diabetes.

We also have a variety of activities and materials that will help you get a holistic experience of type 1 management.

We structure the meals around two meals a day as an example but you are free to make other arrangements if you wish. The meals are specifically designed for this course and provide a range of  carbohydrate and protein amounts for a range of carbohydrates. They are all low in carbohydrate and highly nutritious, supplied from our on site organic farm when possible.   The refectory has a typical range of quality foods available to purchase.

You have medical support on site for the duration of the course day and night should you need it. And of course access to myself and all of the speakers informally if you require

Our course is limited to a small group and is filling up. Don’t miss out! It could be the start of an amazing journey to get near normal control of your type 1 , reduce insulin and reduce hypos. You are very welcome to bring a friend/partner/spouse who can join in the course or just enjoy the ambience of the atmosphere of Combe Grove.

Please contact me via the contact form if you require more information. There are links below if you need more information.

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