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Insulin Optimization in Type 1 Diabetes

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Insulin Optimisation Across all Roots of Health in Type 1 Diabetes

Invest in your future health and add life to years as well as years to life. You can have both.

If you want to combine a luxury week at a health and wellbeing centre and start a new journey learning how to optimise your type 1 diabetes management then this could be for you!

Join us at Combe Grove, Bath on 1st July -7th July 2024  for a six-day immersive week learning all about how to manage diabetes to the optimum based on sound science. There is another course in  the Autumn if you can’t make this one.

Myself, Dr Ian Lake, will be joined throughout the course by people who live with type 1 diabetes and also are experts in insulin management. Emma Porter, Jane Hall, Jon Furniss, Vanessa Haydock and Suzanne Schneider. To have access to this wealth of knowledge and experience is incredible, Over 100 years of type 1 diabetes and 25 years experience of insulin optimisation through addressing diet, physical activity, mental health and wellbeing between them. In addition we have experts in sleep and circadian rhythms, Dr Ian Collins, psychiatrist, and Dr Sara Pugh, quantum biologist.

Our course is limited to a small group and is filling up. Don’t miss out! It could be the start of an amazing journey to get near normal control of your type 1 , reduce insulin and reduce hypos. And after the course you will receive regular follow up for a year. Bring a friend/partner/spouse.

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