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Welcome to the site that is written by Type 1 for Type 1. There are many contributions from clinicians who have Type1 diabetes themselves. There are also contributions from clinicians experienced in managing Type 1 patients, and importantly from people with Type 1 who have transitioned to a keto or very low carb lifestyle.

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Type 1 Diabetes from a Consultant’s Perspective. Dr. David Cavan. Dr. Cavan was an NHS consultant in the South of England for many years.  He is the author of a book on Type 1 diabetes and has an international reputation for his contribution to diabetes. He consults worldwide on diabetes projects and is an expert on ketogenic lifestyles. 

The Type 1 Kidney. Prof. Marcus Saëmann. A Type 1 diabetic and Consultant in Internal Medicine at  Wilhelmina Hospital, Vienna. Professor Saëmann has had Type 1 diabetes for most of his life. He now uses a ketogenic lifestyle to manage his condition. He runs a dialysis unit in Vienna and has a wealth of experience to share. He has contributed to a ‘Who’s doing it Podcast’  

Type 1 Diabetes for Primary Care. The Basics of Type 1 Management. Dr. Ian Lake Suitable for Primary Care GP’s and Practice Nurses.  Type 1 management is mostly carried out in secondary care. But very easy to understand and some basic knowledge will help to manage your Type 1 patients who consult you with diabetes-related problems. This presentation covers, principles of management, sick days, calculations, equipment, etc.

T1 Low Carb Clinics Down UnderAmy Rush and Becs Johnson. Becs and Amy are principal clinicians at The Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre in Perth, Australia. It is a holistic center to support people with Type 1 diabetes, where keto lifestyles are all part of the day’s work. Sign up to see if this is something you might start in your area.  

Type 1 Diabetes, Sugar Addiction, and Eating Disorders. Dr. Jen Unwin Dr. Ali Ibrahim.  Dr. Unwin is a Clinical Psychologist and a specialist in sugar addiction.  Dr. Unwin offers insights into the causation and management of sugar addiction. Dr. Ali Ibrahim, a Psychiatrist, specialises in eating disorders and will help us to understand more about how the condition is managed.  

Optimise the way you Move, Look and Feel with Charlie Babb. Charlie is an award-winning movement coach, online trainer, and also the director of Prime Motion, a natural and functional primal movement companythat prides itself on moving playing and growing.  He talks about the path to comprehensive physical fitness through the three crucial components; cardio, strength, and, flexibility. He will demonstrate exercises that will help busy Healthcare Professionals keep on top of physical health and ultimately improve their overall functonality, posture and alignment www.primemotion.co.uk 

Planned webinars include:


What’s it like to be a Child and Teenager with Type 1?

Being a Parent with a Type 1 child

Mental Health and Type 1 diabetes