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Welcome to the site that is written for Type 1 by Type 1. The content consists of contributions from clinicians who have Type1 Diabetes themselves as well as clinicians experienced in managing Type 1 patients using the ketogenic lifestyle approach. Most importantly: we also share lived experience examples from Type 1 patients who have transitioned to a keto or very low carb lifestyle.

The Healthcare Professional Pack will provide you with all of the evidence and practical information necessary to support your patients who have chosen a very low carb lifestyle option. There is an accompanying webinar to give you the chance to ask questions. 

If you or your team would like bespoke training, then please use the contact form to arrange an event.

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Keto Professional Course

The current situation in Type 1 diabetes care in England and Wales is that fewer that one in 10 patients achieve a modest HbA1c target

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Summary of Type 1 Keto for HCP.

Keto Diets on Type 1 Diabetes, Summary for Healthcare Professionals.

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Healthcare Professional Pack

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