Type 1 Keto

Healthcare Professional Pack

This pack provides rationale, evidence and practical information on managing Type 1 diabetes with a ketogenic diet. it has been divided into eight sections. 

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1. Introduction

Therapeutic Nutrition in Type 1 Diabetes; A Guide for Health Care Professionals. PLEASE NOTE. The content of the Healthcare Professional Pack provides information that might

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2. Nutritional Ketosis and DKA

NUTRITIONAL KETOSIS AND DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS Nutritional ketosis is a healthy state and happens irrespective of diabetes status. It is the production of ketone bodies as

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4. Evidence

WHAT IS THE EVIDENCE? We do know that the EPIC Norfolk paper concluded that ‘Glycated haemoglobin concentration seems to explain most of the excess mortality

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6. What to Eat.

WHAT TO EAT?  Type 1 Diabetes follows the same principles as all low carbohydrate diets: real food, healthy fats, reduced carbohydrate. There is no science

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7. Undesirable Effects

UNDESIRABLE EFFECTS People with Type 1 Diabetes in the early years might be more sensitive to insulin. Still, as time progresses, (over roughly ten years),

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8. How Can You Help?

HOW CAN YOU HELP AS AN HCP? Type 1’s who are struggling with their control often ‘get it’ very quickly. After all, they have to

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Metabolism for HCP education

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