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Healthcare Professionals Pack Review. Your chance to ask questions. FREE. Hosted by Dr. Ian Lake. This free programme will run regularly every few weeks. Book a place now ( link to crowdcast) 

Type 1 Diabetes from a Consultant’s Perspective. Dr. David Cavan. Dr. Cavan was an NHS consultant in the South of England for many years.  He is the author of a book on Type 1 diabetes and has an international reputation for his contribution to diabetes. He consults worldwide on diabetes projects and is an expert on ketogenic lifestyles. 

The Type 1 Kidney. Prof. Marcus Saëmann. A Type 1 diabetic and Consultant in Internal Medicine at  Wilhelmina Hospital, Vienna. Professor Saëmann has had Type 1 diabetes for most of his life. He now uses a ketogenic lifestyle to manage his condition. He runs a dialysis unit in Vienna and has a wealth of experience to share. He has contributed to a ‘Who’s doing it Podcast’ (link)  

Type 1 Diabetes for Primary Care. The Basics of Type 1 Management. Dr. Ian Lake Suitable for Primary Care GP’s and Practice Nurses.  Type 1 management is mostly carried out in secondary care. But very easy to understand and some basic knowledge will help to manage your Type 1 patients who consult you with diabetes-related problems. This presentation covers, principles of management, sick days, calculations, equipment, etc.( sign here box- on all gigs. link should go to crowd cast. I am open to suggestions) 

T1 Low Carb Clinics Down Under. Amy Rush and Becs Johnson. Becs and Amy are principal clinicians at The Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre in Perth, Australia. It is a holistic center to support people with Type 1 diabetes, where keto lifestyles are all part of the day’s work. Sign up to see if this is something you might start in your area.  

Type 1 Diabetes, Sugar Addiction, and Eating Disorders. Dr. Jen Unwin Dr. Ali Ibrahim.  Dr. Unwin is a Clinical Psychologist and a specialist in sugar addiction.  Dr. Unwin offers insights into the causation and management of sugar addiction. Dr. Ali Ibrahim, a Psychiatrist, specialises in eating disorders and will help us to understand more about how the condition is managed.  

Three Dimensional Fitness with Charlie Babb. Charlie is a Personal Trainer and director of PrimeMotion, a fitness, and primal play company.   He talks about the path to comprehensive physical fitness through the three crucial components; cardio, strength, and flexibility. He will demonstrate exercises that will help busy healthcare professionals keep on top of physical health. www.primemotion.co.uk