Type 1 Keto

Half-Marathon Series

Twelve half marathons in 12 months. Exploring running on a ketogenic diet. Each run was a new experience based on learning from the previous half marathon.

Half -marathon 1

A wonderful city-type half marathon. And, more importantly a big flashy medal for finishers! That should start off the year well, if I can do

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Half-marathon 2

I thought it would be nice to run on the cliffs in one of my favourite parts of the country, with its spectacular scenery. Coming

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Half-marathon 3

A flat course along quiet lanes with part of the run done in a private estate It is an impressive country house owned by the

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Half-marathon 4

We need to shake things up a bit if these runs are to have any meaning. I have done 3 runs on high fat and

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Half-marathon 5

Generally, if someone is planning to do any significant physical activity, they usually have a good meal first. The food will build up energy stores

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Half-marathon 6

In Lemming Test-Pilot’s grandparents’ generation, double pneumonia was something to be feared. Even today few people are exactly sure what that was, presumably infection in both sides

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Half-marathon 7

Half-Marathon 7. Deliberately running into ketoacidosis  Everything has been going so well so far that one run seems to blend into another with ease. Training

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Half-marathon 8

Every December sky must lose its faith in leaves and dream of the spring inside the trees. So sang Beth Neilsen-Chapman. She wasn’t singing about

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Half-marathon 9

If only diabetes were just about insulin and carbohydrate. All of us Type 1’s would have had it sorted years ago. Inject the basal and cover

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Half-marathon 10

The guidelines produced by my local diabetes team state the following: ‘  The evidence to support the use of low-carbohydrate diets in people with Type 1 diabetes

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Half-marathon 11

Having HbA1c in the non- diabetic range is the norm. It is a gift so late-on in my life with diabetes that I am eternally

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Half-marathon 12

If an actor can project emotion through body posture, do you think that the reverse might be true? Can posture affect emotion? I believe that it might. If

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