Type 1 Keto

Gina Roberts

Gina Roberts is a wife, mom, research assistant and a part-time blogger who also just so happens to have Type 1 Diabetes and Lupus SLE. She has been navigating the American health care system as an insulin dependent diabetic since 2007, with all of the challenges and confusing information that comes with it. 

In January of 2018 she began to follow a low-carb Ketogenic diet and since then she has reduced her HbA1c from 6.7% to 4.8% (50mmol/mol-29 mmol/mol), placed her lupus into remission, and has had a 150lb ( 68kg) weight loss. 

Since then she has been publicly sharing her story and her experiences in improving her health via a keto diet with her blog and her social media accounts in the hopes that people can see her experiences, learn from them and apply them to their lives as well. 

If you’d like to follow her journey, see her recipes or more of her data regarding her experiences with a ketogenic diet you can follow her on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @resoluteketo or visit her website www.resoluteketo.com

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