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FAQ - Type1Keto Approach to Diabetes Management

Our journey began with the realization that the conventional approach to managing Type 1 Diabetes required a significant shift. The prevalent method of matching insulin doses to carbohydrate intake yielded suboptimal results for most individuals. This led us to question and seek a more effective management strategy for Type 1 Diabetes.

Our mission is to empower individuals with Type 1 Diabetes by providing a life-enhancing choice: a low-carbohydrate lifestyle for diabetes management. We believe in making this option accessible to all, allowing individuals to choose what suits them best.

Adopting a low-carb lifestyle significantly reduces the need for insulin and decreases the risk of blood glucose fluctuations. Over 90% of those who follow a low-carb approach achieve their blood glucose targets, experience fewer hypoglycemic episodes, and witness a reduction in insulin requirements.

In Type 1 Diabetes, insulin serves as a vital hormone replacement therapy, primarily regulating blood glucose levels in response to dietary carbohydrates. However, calculating insulin doses based on carbohydrate content can be challenging and prone to error, leading to discomfort and an increased risk of hypoglycemia.

No, dietary carbohydrates are classified as non-essential nutrients, meaning our bodies do not inherently require them to function. Our bodies can efficiently switch to burning fat for energy, a natural metabolic process that is not indicative of ‘starvation mode.’

We embrace the philosophy of “as much insulin as needed but as little as possible.” This concept encapsulates our approach to managing Type 1 Diabetes, aiming to minimize insulin reliance for easier and safer control. Type1Keto is dedicated to redefining diabetes management through the promotion of a low-carb lifestyle.

Individuals can join us by exploring the resources on our platform, engaging in our community discussions, and considering the option of a low-carb lifestyle for their diabetes management. We encourage everyone to be part of this transformative journey towards better health and well-being.