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ZF100 Information Leaflet to Print or Send

This leaflet is available for distribution to anyone who you think might benefit from information about keto lifestyles in Type 1 diabetes. People with the condition, Clinicians, Carers. Only with information can people make informed decisions.

Here is a link to the leaflet:


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The Zero Five 100 Fasted Challenge team of 8 ran or walked the 100 mile distance between Henley on Thames and Bristol  over a 5 day period. Each participant took in zero food, only water, electrolytes, and the occasional black coffee for some. ZERO CALORIES!!

Dr Ian Lake, an English GP with Type 1 Diabetes, devised the unique Zero Five 100 Fasted Challenge. The project explores the physiological effects of fat adaption and ketosis in people with and without Diabetes Type 1 during prolonged exercise.

The Challenge team consisted of (l-r): Businessmen Steve Bennett,Dr Ian Lake GP with Type 1 Diabetes , Dietitian and founder of Xpert Patient Dr Trudi Deakin, Dr Ali Ibrahim, Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in eating disorders, Diabetes Nurse Gayle Gerry, Jon Furniss engineer with Type 1 Diabetes, Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell and businessman Jake Thompson. 

Each participant had metabolic, blood and body composition measurements taken each morning and at rest periods.  Results demonstrated that all participants were able to access stored body fat throughout the project whilst resting metabolic rate remained consistent. Significantly the blood glucose levels of all participants  showed little variation around physiological for each individual. Asymptomatic low glucose in non-diabetics was observed. Psychometric testing showed no hunger issues and positive mood states throughout. Blood ketone levels for those with type 1 diabetes were in the same range as those without.

 Read the full the Zero Five 100 peer reviewed paper for all the  findings and  to see how the team adapted to meet and exceed expectations. www.type1keto.com/zerofive100

 The Bottom Line

Nutritional ketosis is not a risk for DKA: people with T1 can safely skip breakfast : consuming sugar is not required for moderate intensity activity: If a  patient is taking insulin it doesn’t mean they need carbs.

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