Type 1 Keto

James Bartholomew

James Bartholomew is a professional artist based in Lancashire. He works from his own long-established gallery in an 18th-century windmill and travels extensively to find new subjects, particularly around the British coast. Recent clients include Waitrose, the BBC, the Sunday Times and Winalot and his paintings are found in collections around the world.

Age 50, he has had type 1 diabetes for 20 years and followed a ketogenic lifestyle for the last 20 months.

James is a keen runner, cyclist and kayaker and when not painting, has a very active lifestyle. He says he finds managing diabetes most challenging during very varied days, especially when exercising. Following a keto diet has been particularly helpful in this area.

His wife, Rachel, is a nutritional therapist and writer on nutrition. Her knowledge and understanding of food have been very helpful in James’ journey so far.


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