Type 1 Keto

Day 7

Well. I have got through the week with some food to spare. I have managed to keep to the allowance, which has provided me with sufficient energy and nutrients. It has been enjoyable to test out creative cooking.  It is one of the benefits of keto that hunger is often absent. So, it hasn’t been a problem eating keto at all. If I had just started on a keto lifestyle, I might have had some hunger as I was withdrawing from carb addiction. That can be a persistent problem depending on how ‘addictive’ a personality you are. But eventually, the desire to consume carbs does wear off in most people. 

 At around a week or so, some people  develop symptoms of ‘Keto flu.’ It’s not uncommon at the end of week one during the transition to keto.  Keto flu happens when the body is transitioning from using carbs as it’s primary fuel source to using fat. Why a week or two?  I don’t know. My impression is that it is when the tissues renew, they adapt to the diet.  They are better able to handle fats. The mitochondria are tiny structures in cells that are responsible for managing the energy balance of a cell. They are the only structures that have their own DNA  genetic material that is separate from the rest of the DNA. It makes sense that they can alter the expression of the enzymes that are needed to burn fat and downgrade those that need glucose. This probably happens when the tissues renew themselves. Which, of course, they do regularly. You get new skin every two weeks, new muscles every four, and new bone every seven years. You never notice it happening because this is a gradual process.  

 But, anyway, keto flu is not forever. It typically lasts a few days. Tiredness, a dull headache, and possibly constipation are significant signs of keto flu. Some people get cramps. Some get nothing. The best way to deal with this is to increase the fluids.  Some people add sea salt. Others prefer magnesium. It might be necessary to add something for constipation if fluids alone are ineffective. A stool softener such as Movicol or Fybogel might help. Or a small dose of senna. Occasionally paracetamol for the headache makes it easier.  

But typically, after a week or so, the symptoms pass. After this, it can be a vast improvement. If you are new to this, by the end of the next week, it should have been all worthwhile. Many people, when they get into ketosis, notice improved glucose control, improved energy levels, sharper thinking, and sharper vision. If you have had a weight problem, the reduced requirements for insulin should lead to a reduction in weight. Insulin is notorious for weight gain.  

There are a minority of people who do not suit a keto lifestyle despite their best efforts. For those people, a slightly increased carbohydrate intake might improve things. It is all individual.  

Last night I took the Mug of Chicken Soup out of the freezer. It has kept amazingly well; this chicken and I am still using it a week later. It was a pleasant lunch on its own, but I have had enough chicken for now. I will buy some different meats tomorrow.   

Throughout the next few hours in an 8-hour window of eating, I ate the rest of the pecans and a square of dark chocolate. All of the treats are now gone. I have had my ration for the week.  

For the evening, it was going to be a use-up of the remainder of the food. I have had in my mind what I needed to keep by ever since I bought the peppers. I have two eggs, a generous amount of mushrooms. I kept them back instead of making a mushroom omelette. I still have a generous amount of cheese and some mayo.  

So, I am going to make a Naked Quiche with Mushrooms in a  Bell Pepper Crust. Take the pepper. Cut off the top, remove the seeds. Stand upright in a  baking dish that will support it. If you don’t have one, lean it on the side of the roasting tin. Slice the mushrooms and fry in a generous amount of oil. Put enough in the pepper to fill it to half. Keep the rest as a side dish. Beat up two eggs with a fork, add cream if there is any left, season with black pepper. Pour into the pepper case until full. Put the pepper top back on. Pour any remaining egg into the dish and top with mushrooms. Cook in the oven at a high temperature (200°C) for 25 minutes. It might be necessary to slice the pepper in half if the mixture is still uncooked. It speeds up the process. Add mayo if you want. Enjoy.  

For pudding, the rest of the Strawberry Ice Cream was available. Thinking back, I could have divided the dairy ice cream mix and added strawberry to one and lemon to the other. That’s another option.  

That has been a fun week And now it is time to plan next week’s shopping list.  

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