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Day 4

Day 4 Blog 

My goodness, it’s half-way through the week. There seems to be a lot of food to eat up. Plenty of fish, plenty of eggs, cheese, pecan nuts, yoghurt, mushrooms, cucumber ( I should have bought half and some other veg), and strawberries. To be fair, the strawberries have been a great purchase. I will get at least two more meals out of them perhaps 3. There’s also some 85% chocolate and some nutty chocolate snack to have as a part of a pudding.  

This time of the week is going to need some smart food management. The chicken soup is going to be getting past it’s best very soon. I could freeze it. That is an option.  

The only other vulnerable foods are the cauliflower and broccoli. It’s still crisp in the fridge but ever so slowly drying out. There will come the point when it just ‘goes’ and becomes obviously too old to eat. So, I’m keeping an eye on that. The strawberries are on the turn. I will be able to eat them fresh today and tomorrow. Then I will make ice cream with what is left.  

It’s been a good morning. This filing work on the website is starting to look tidy. So, it’s been a total fast apart from 2 cups of coffee. Much less stress today.  I was hungry at midday, through habit really. It was the 16-hour mark. But I had some phone calls and a meeting which got me to 18 hours. I should have eaten earlier really.  

Today’s lunch needed something more filling. It’s going to be soup tonight. I think of that as a light meal, but this particular soup is very nutritious. It is more a matter of perception, I guess. So, for lunch, it was a cheese omelette with cucumber. So easy to make just like the last one.2 eggs, cream, pepper. Whisk with a fork, pour into a frying pan with oil, (olive or coconut. Butter can be good too). After less than a minute, add some grated cheese. Put the lid on and turn down the heat. Or if your frying pan is heavy, turn off the heat. Covering the omelette makes it go very fluffy. Of course, this collapses as soon as the lid comes off the pan. But you do feel a bit like a ‘chef’ at this moment. Fold in half. I always do this but don’t really know why. Perhaps it keeps the heat in a bit. I can see the point if there is a filling. I cut up some cucumber and served it like that.  

I haven’t mentioned water much. Water is the stuff of life. Humans are 60% water. We desiccate a bit as we age, but we are mostly water. Cucumbers contain only half as much water again. I think that it is a good idea to keep a glass of tap water on the go—ice in the freezer. A slice of lemon (this week) or lime, adds some interest.  It can eliminate hunger sensations and revitalise you if you are accidentally dehydrated and feeling a bit ‘dull’. Fizzy water is useful if you like the excitement. It seems to be filling as well when all that carbon dioxide in the bubbles gets into the stomach. And we know what happens next….  

Dentists say that sparkling water is not good for the teeth because it is acidic. There is also quite a lot of plastic involved in fizzy water. And the cost. It seemingly costs a lot to take water and bottle it. Tap water is different and much cheaper. To drill oil out of the ground, transport it, refine it into petrol; then transport it again before it is sold at the pumps, currently costs around £1.07 per litre of fuel.  Most bottled water comes in at 50p per litre. You could get 300 litres of tap water for that price.  Some of the ‘posh’ water double that. And at motorway services, the cost escalates by orders of magnitude. I once paid £1.39 per litre for my petrol and the water was on sale at £1.36 per litre. For a single 500 ml bottle, you could get 1000 litres of tap water, minus the plastic. You do the maths.  

Supper was predictably a large bowl of chicken soup. It was surprisingly tasty. I also prepared a snack of diced cucumber and cheese. It would make a delicious snack on its own. Pudding was, you’ve guessed it, a meal-in-one mega strawberry. Plus, a nutty choccy snack with a cup of coffee.  

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