Type 1 Keto

Webinars and Courses

If you’re not yet sure, join a free webinar to see if this is the lifestyle you want. If you are a Healthcare Professional, there are both free and paid webinars that will help you to support your Type1 patients who choose a keto lifestyle.


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The emphasis is on joining a small group, maximum of 15 participants, then signing up to the modules on each course that interest you. Each module will allow plenty of time for discussion so that, by the end, you feel that you understand the material and can work with it. The modules run for an hour each. Please register interest in a course and I will contact you when there are sufficient participants to form a good team for discussion.

If you are not sure if this is for you then please consider the short free introduction webinars which will help you to make up your mind. 

Individual and Bespoke Courses

For those people who would like a one to one consultation please use the booking form for long and short consultations. . 

If you are a group, employer, school, healthcare professional or in hospitality and need to know more then please contact via the bespoke course contact form below. 

Course Details


Keto Student

If you are an Absolute Beginner to keto, then the student course will be excellent. It might be all you need to set you on your journey. We will begin with a broad overview then revise the basic principles of managing insulin around diet. Lots of time for discussion. No question too stupid. That will be the one you don’t ask! It’s your condition. Don’t suffer through ignorance.  Just £10 per module. 


Keto Master

Keto Master.  If you are already managing with low carb and want to know a bit more then Keto Master will provide you with the next level of information. The course is based around more detailed examination of content on the website and will enable discussion so that everyone will feel confident in getting the best out of their Type 1 keto lifestyle. Great price at £10 per module


Keto Professional

If you are a Healthcare Professional, this is a practical course that prepares you to understand all aspects of managing your patients with Type 1 diabetes and is based on this checklist (click).  It will enable you to work with your patients to achieve the best outcome. £10 per module or  specify your own bespoke course. 


Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Courses are available for both Primary Care and Secondary Care teams. They can also be useful to private groups looking to learn more about keto lifestyles. For a Healthcare Professional, a bespoke course will enable you to  integrate keto management into your clinical teams in a way that suits the style of your team.  No major policy decisions have to be made in order to manage a patient who wants information about a keto diet. There is already a provision in the current NICE guidelines to enable keto management in T1 diabetes. Keto is simply another tool for T1 diabetes management. It is not a case of high carb or keto, but you should feel confident to provide information on both types of management with a high level of competence in each option.