Type 1 Keto


Week 1, Day 4

My goodness, it’s half-way through the week. There seems to be a lot of food to eat up. Plenty of fish, plenty of eggs, cheese,

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Week 2, Day 5

Week 2:Day 5  Real-world keto living is about having the same meal from time to time. Most people are creatures of habit. Many people have

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Week 2, Day 6

Week 2:Day 6  It is the time of the week to review the ingredients I have left in the cupboard and plan the last couple

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Week 2, Day 7

Week 2:Day 7   I have plenty of food left. There is a shortage of fresh fruit because it was used to make ice cream. Some extra fresh veg would be nice, too. Nevertheless, I

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Why very low carb or keto? Why not low carb? Unpicking the terminology. It is entirely up to you, the individual. This site is an

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