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Keto Kickstarter

The Keto Kickstarter Basic is a 2 week set of starter-menus based around 30g of carbohydrates, ethically-sourced food, locally produced where possible. The menus are split into 2 separate weeks with a shopping list and menus for each week.

Top Ten: Health Claims

10 Dodgy Health Claims on Food Packages that people with Type 1 need to know 1. ‘No added sugar’ claims You might be tempted to impulse buy the product based on the advertising claim.  People with Type1 are a tiny minority of shoppers, so we are not… Read More »Top Ten: Health Claims


What we eat and when we eat, it is vital for health. The principle that we should eat real food applies in Type 1 diabetes, of course. But we have the added challenge of choosing the food that suits a… Read More »Nutrition