Dr Ian Lake

GP and person with Type 1 diabetes

I have been a GP for 26 years and work in Gloucestershire. I have a degree in Medical Cell Biology
and Biochemistry from Liverpool University and qualified as a Doctor in 1985 from Southampton

I was diagnosed with LADA Type 1 Diabetes aged 36. I managed it with a DAFNE style approach for
the first 20 years and changed to a very low carb 4 years ago. I had such dramatic results that I
decided to dedicate my time to get the information about low carbohydrate lifestyles to those with
Type 1 themselves.

I am a founder member of The Public Health Collaboration www.phcuk.org.uk which is a charity
dedicated to promoting a real food lifestyle for health. I have spoken on low-carb management of
Type 1 diabetes at various conferences.

You can access my work through the following links.

www.type1keto.com This is a simple blog that records my personal experiences of going low carb
when running. I set out to experiment with low carb whilst running half marathons. This was
followed up a couple of years later by running 730 miles in 5 weeks. The aim was to show that you
simply do not need carbs for energy. Or glucose control.

YouTube. I am a founder member of The Public Health Collaboration. I am fortunate to be able to
present my learning on low carb in type 1 diabetes, these links go to my talks.