Public Health Collaboration

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The Public Health Collaboration is a charity that has been formed by a group of doctors interested in promoting real food and healthy eating. The doctors give their time for free and are promoting ‘The Real Food Lifestyle’ through a series of blooklets and online resources which they feel should replace the Eatwell Plate and the current guidelines on healthy eating. This is because the rise in levels of obesity and diabetes are getting worse despite the fact that the population in general is following the current guidelines. The Real Food Lifestyle is based on sound medical evidence and thorough reviews of the conclusions of existing evidence. The Public Health Collaboration feels that a radical change in guidelines towards a Real Food Lifestyle is needed in order to reverse the disastrous trend to ill-health through obesity and diabetes.

The Public Health Collaboration had a successful first conference in 2016, and is organising a second conference in May 2017.  It relies on the support of members and crowd-funding to do this. It receives no other sponsorship. The PHC hopes that, with increasing evidence supporting a change of dietary guidelines away from excess carbohydrate and industrially processed fats, and towards real food, the next conference will go a long way towards contributing to the final push for change. There is growing professional and public interest for dietary change supported by quality evidence. Your support will contribute towards real change, not just in the guidelines but, most importantly, in people’s health in general. Please take a look at what they stand for by clicking the link.