WARNING! Please Read This First

Lemming Test-Pilot must make clear that this blog is not intended as a recommendation or instruction manual.

Lemming Test-Pilot is happy to personally push the boundaries of ketogenic diets in type 1 diabetes, has carefully assessed the risks and decided to press on regardless.

Lemming Test-Pilot has done lots of risky sports and considers him or herself good at getting away with it through careful planning and a slice of luck. Those with Type 1 diabetes will empathise with that. Managing Type 1 is a risky business.

Lemming Test-Pilot is a seasoned type 1 diabetic who has experience of using the ketogenic diet and considers that he or she is fully competent in managing their diabetes in this way.

Lemming Test-Pilot also has a continuous glucose monitor and knows exactly how each insulin performs for him or her.

Lemming Test-Pilot has his or her own unique metabolism within Type 1 diabetes and is skilled at managing that unique state. Everyone is different in how their own particular diabetes expresses itself in them. The diabetes management details in the blog therefore only apply to Lemming Test-Pilot.

Enjoy the blog and remember that in life, whilst none of us are going to get out of it alive, we can have fun on the way in whatever we do.